Legal service inland shipping



The NNPC offers legal assistance to members of EOC concerning inland shipping. Legal assistance can be provided for example when there are disputes with charterers or repair yards, or for instance with claims resulting from collisions. This means you can rest assured that the NNPC's extensive knowledge will ensure competent handling of your legal affairs.       


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Legal Service private

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As well as legal assistance for professional commercial shipping companies, the NNPC also offers support with legal disputes which may occur outside the scope of the professional job. EOC can call on the NNPC to provide legal assistance in private disputes.


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P&I Insurance

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The NNPC has developed a comprehensive P&I insurance for inland navigation specifically geared to professional commercial shippping. This was the result of a close partnership with the former efm Onderlinge Schepenverzekering and Oranje Scheeps-verzekeringen, now merged to EOC. Oranje Scheepsverzekeringen’s comprehensive P&I group insurance has been covered by the NNPC since 1 January 2014.


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EOC Onderlinge Schepenverzekering

EOC stands for EFM Oranje Combination, since 1 July 2014 a continuation of Vereniging Oranje and EFM Scheepsverzekering. EOC provides insurance for Commercial Shipping. Passenger Boats, Recreational Boating and Houseboats. With EOC you are assured of excellent service, low premiums and good conditions.




EOC Expertise bv

EOC has its own expertise service, the EOC Expertise BV. The EOC Expertise BV has more than ten of its own experts and their responsibilities include: Inspections, Damage-expertises, Certification and Technical inspections.



Since 2012 NNPC and EOC (former Efm and Oranje) are working together. Within this context NNPC offers 3500 EOC members and insured parties legal support and developed a P&I Insurance for inland navigation specifically geared to professional inland shipping.
As from January 2016 the activities will expand to legal service for more than 15.000 recreational boating.
Member and ensured parties of EOC can rest assured that the NNPC's extensive knowledge will ensure competent handling of all legal affairs.







Houseboat owners can claim on their legal assistance insurance when they have a dispute with the local council or with neighbours, for example. EOC can call on the NNPC in the event of such legal issues.


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